Terrifying and wondrous images as a spyglass into mental illness.
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Terrifying and wondrous images as a spyglass into mental illness



Chris Kawagiwa created an excellent Steampunk Star Wars piece with plenty of small details to check out. Available now in shirt form over at Mighty Fine.

Steampunk Echo Station by Chris Kawagiwa (Blog) (Flickr) (Twitter)

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Lucy Knisley’s Harry Potter Awesomeness

Artist Lucy Knisley has released the final poster of her “HPoster” collection. Right now, for a limited time, she is offering free downloads of all 9 posters she has created (9 for movies 1-8 and a summary poster). If you’ve never seen her work, her posters are comic-strip-like, and include some really quirky conversations and illustrations from the Harry Potter books and movies. She describes them as parodies, but they are parodies that don’t insult the series, which is what I love best about them. I’ve put the “Summharry” below for you all to check out, but please head over to her blog and take a look at all of them. Also, please consider donating to her if you decide to download the printable versions. Here is the link to her blog: OMGRYFFINDOR.. Thanks, Lucy!

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Art Is Awesome. Geek Art Is AWESOME.

Art is awesome. I love graphic design – I do a bit of it as part of my job and for fun. I love being inspired, especially when that inspiration comes in the form of amazing original works based on some of my favorite movies, comics, and video games. This is exactly what I stumbled on today while surfing the interwebs. My first stop was ReasonInMadness at Tumblr, who posted these amazing Super Mario Bros. inspired prints. I followed the trail of many webpages, and one of them was GeekArt.Net, a showcase for any kind of art inspired by anything and everything “geek”. Slideshow below!

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Marie Curie Valentine, by Stephoodle @ Etsy.com
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Best. Nerdy. Valentines. Ever.

Marie Curie Valentine

Marie Curie, copyright Stephoodle at Etsy.com

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and if you’re a science fan, I bet you’re wishing that your Valentine had known exactly what you wanted. Next year, instead of the last-minute candy hearts and chocolate roses, point your special friend to Etsy.com seller Stephoodle. Alongside some rather bizarre art pieces (a farting unicorn?), Stephoodle offers the coolest valentines I’ve seen in a while. The set features eight unique designs of famous scientists, both living and dead, offering some rather clever wishes for the designated “Day of Love”. For example, you might enjoy Stephen Hawking’s delightful remark, “You make space-time stand still,” or perhaps Madame Curie could deliver this message to your loved one, “My heart radiates for you.” My personal favorite? Werner Heisenberg, famous for the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: “I’m certain about you.” What better way to show love than through science?