A Large Tsunami Shock Wave on the Sun –  Tsunamis this large don’t happen on Earth. During 2006, a large solar flare from an Earth-sized sunspot produced a tsunami-type shock wave that was spectacular even for the Sun.

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A Large Tsunami Shock Wave on the Sun

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Opportunity Arrives at Endeavour Crater

After a three-year trek as part of the mission lasting EIGHT remarkable years, MER Opportunity has finally reached Endeavour Crater. It’s the Little Rover That Could!

Rover Arrives at Endeavour Crater on Mars. Image Credit: MERM, NASA, JPL, Cornell

Source: APOD: 2011 August 15 – Rover Arrives at Endeavour Crater on Mars.

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Armageddon?? Nope, Just a Close Encounter.

Don’t worry, everyone. There is no need to call Bruce Willis in to save the world. Asteroid 2011 MD will make a very close pass to the Earth today at about 1:00 PM EST, coming within 7,500 miles above the planet (specifically, above Antarctica). While this is close enough to pass beneath some of Earth’s satellites, there is “no chance” that 2011 MD will enter our atmosphere and hit the Earth, according to scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The diameter of MD 2011 is estimated to be rather small – between 29 to 98 feet – so IF there was a chance it might enter our atmosphere, it would most likely break apart and burn up upon entry. If you are clever enough to be able to track moving objects with a medium-sized telescope, you might be able to spot 2011 MD in the sky.

So don’t worry about rushing down to your basements and preparing for the worst. Space.com has the full scoop, as well as a trajectory map of the asteroid’s path.

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Should Women Be Doctors?

There is a very interesting article (and debate in the comments) over at the New York Times online about the stresses working women (and men) face when they have to split their time between work and family. This particular essay focuses on female doctors. On one side, it is mentioned that women need to consider how cutting hours to be with family might affect their patients, and on the other side it’s pointed out that perhaps the work stucture itself is archaic, and that changes need to be made to accomodate working parents, no matter their gender. What do you guys think? The link is below.

Should Women Be Doctors? – NYTimes.com.