All About LSF!

What is Leia Shot First?

Leia Shot First is a blog dedicated to all things nerdy – including comic books, science fiction, space and astronomy, superheroes, weird discoveries and video games. It is the result of my years and years of looking for space-themed toys, clothing and articles for girls. So if you’re tired of pink flowers and bows, and you enjoy video games and science fiction as much as the guys in your life, then this is the blog for you!

Women are taking over. We now develop and test video games, work in multiple fields of science, write and draw comics, and star in Sci-Fi movies and shows as the strong, central character, rather than the helpless eye-candy.

Most posts here will be for everyone, I intend to pay special attention to women – whether it’s women in a science field, a female superhero, strong science-fiction females, or toys made for young girls interested in science. I hope this doesn’t discourage any of you guys out there to read and participate in the dialogue. Science, comics and science fiction incorporate all aspects of life, and influence and inspire millions of people around the world.

What’s with the name?

Well, have you heard of the “Han Shot First” controversy? I happen to agree with it, and I thought a twist would be nice as a title to this blog.

Who are you?

My name is Natalie Willoughby, also known as “that girl who likes nerdy guy stuff”. I’m young, smart and incapable of keeping my mouth shut about much of anything. I was raised on comics, action movies and video games, and was stamped as a “tomboy” at an early stage of my childhood, simply because I didn’t wear pink and do “girly” things. My poor mother had high hopes that I would be a ballerina, but it soon became clear to her that I would have none of it. While I enjoyed Barbie dolls and dress up time, I also loved my SNES, Legos, action flicks, sports and other things that 20+ years ago were typically for “boys”. Nowadays, while I love my shoes, my purses, and my clothes, I also love my PS3, still watch tons of action movies, sci-fi TV shows, worship Harry Potter, and read comic books. I went to ComicCon in 2007. Yep, that’s right.

Still, while it was expected when I was young, I find it terribly insulting that even today I cannot find a t-shirt for my daughter that has a space ship or aliens in a “girl color”. Like it or not, babies in blue look like boys and babies in pink look like girls, and because my daughter was a bald baby, putting her in a blue spaceship onesie made her look like a boy. Luckily, I can find nerdy and sciencey t-shirts in my size. But while baby boys get to wear wolverine and iron man clothes, apparently baby girls still have to settle for Disney Princesses or Hannah Montana. I hope to change that one post at a time, and maybe eventually open a store with nerdy stuff for girls.

Please – whether you’re a guy or a girl – talk nerdy to me! Bring up Star Wars. Bring up Star Trek. Or Fringe. Or the X-Files. Or the Long Halloween. Tell me how much you hated Batman: Hush, and please explain why, as it’s one of my favorites. Ask me which planet you can see in the night sky tonight. Let me go on a rant about how Jim Lee has rocked my world since I was 8 years old, and how I’ll yell at anyone who disagrees about his awesomeness. Or how Jurassic Park for SNES was the hardest video game I’ve ever played. Ask me about the most recent discovery in Computer Science.

If you have some questions for me, or if you have a story you would like me to feature, please email me at


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