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Space Shuttle Atlantis: STS-135 T-MINUS 3 DAYS

Okay, folks. I’m headed to Florida this week to see the final launch of the 30-year long space shuttle program. Atlantis (barring any unforeseen mechanical or weather circumstances) will launch this Friday at 11:26 AM EDT from the Kennedy Space Center. I will be there, press pass in hand, to report back to you on what it’s like to attend a space shuttle launch. I’ve wanted to be an astronaut my whole life, and so far it looks like this is as close as I’m going to get – but that’s totally fine with me. I may or may not have any posts until then, so stay tuned. I’ve been saving up creativity for the article I will be writing about the launch, but if something major comes up in the worlds of science, sci-fi, etc., rest assured I will be here to report it to you. Until then, everyone!


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