Harry Potter

“Pottermore” is coming‬‏

Yesterday, as is her awesome tradition, JR Rowling announced a little game called Secret Street View on several Harry Potter websites. It came out of the blue, at least to me, but it consisted of finding several coordinates at various Potter-related websites then plugging them into the Secret Street View and zooming in to find different letters on the map. If you would like to play the game yourself, here are the websites to visit first, then go to Secret Street View and plug in the given coordinates one at a time:

– Portkey
Snitch Seeker

Once you collect all the letters and rearrange them, you will get Pottermore. What is “Pottermore”? We don’t know yet! But the announcement comes in 7 days at Pottermore.com and ‪JK Rowling’s YouTube Channel‬‏. You can also follow @Pottermore on Twitter. I’m so excited I can hardly sit still. Just when we thought it was all over…


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