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Catwoman To Be A Playable Character in Arkham City

Keeping in tune with the theme of this blog – women – I am proud to announce that GameSpot has released a new trailer for Batman: Arkham City, just in time for E3. But this time, the trailer features the feline fatale herself, Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman). Even more exciting is the announcement that she will be a playable character. Can you say, HELL YES?!

Her opening line in the trailer is directed at Batman: “Just couldn’t keep away, huh? Can’t say I blame you.” Her voice is smooth and sultry, which matches perfectly with her flawless design and fighting skills. You can tell right away from this trailer that she is not simply Batman in a cat costume – she has her own moves, her own fighting style, and her own weaponry. It looks like Catwoman will finally get her dues as someone who can fight side-by-side with the big boys, and hopefully she will get her own little side story. Catwoman is notorious for playing both sides of the law and portraying both heroine and villain, and according to Dax Ginn of Rocksteady Studios, players will get to embrace their dark side and “take a bit of a walk on the wild side” while playing as Catwoman. I wish I could send Rocksteady a big fruit basket to show my appreciation for doing this.

As we’ve seen in previous trailers, Catwoman’s costume echoes the more modern design created by Jim Lee and debuted in the Batman: Hush series, rather than the traditional black leather/latex seen in earlier Catwoman comics and Batman Returns. Most recent Catwoman comics have kept the same motif established by Lee, but in Arkham City the costume has a more realistic feel, with mesh-like detail that you might expect to see on a Navy S.E.A.L. underwater excursion suit. Here’s what Comics Alliance had to say:

As a capeless criminal/crimefighter, Catwoman will rely on a grappling hook and her patented claws to navigate Akrham City’s massive environments. Fighting also looks pretty purrrrrfect as Catwoman’s acrobatic moves are shown coupled with a whip, bolas and other goodies. I’m not sure how (or if) Catwoman will replicate Batman’s “detective mode,” but maybe that’s what those huge goggles of hers are for?

Batman: Arkham City is set to be released on October 18, 2011.


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