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How to Make a Terminator Film Without Arnold – io9

First, let me just say that I am a huge fan of the Terminator storyline and timeline. I am kind of a sucker for time travel, and if you throw in some robots and a potential apocalypse, I’m hooked. While T3 was not exactly great, and certainly does not do justice to the original James Cameron film released in 1984, it did have some useful information about the potential timelines generated from time travel and changing history, and at least gave us Judgement Day, finally. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles was also extremely enjoyable. The creators chose a different timeline and made it their own. The show didn’t have a chance to bloom, in storyline or viewership, because it was cancelled after one and a half seasons (thank you, Fox).

Terminator: Salvation was an amazing disappointment. My hopes were perhaps too high, but I simply can’t get past the whole John-Conner-gets-a-robot-heart plot line. While T3‘s mistake was that the movie was focused entirely on Arnold which caused the story to take a backseat, Salvation‘s mistake was everything. The cast, the director (sorry, McG), the story, the acting – and that lame Batman voice that apparently Christian Bale feels he needs to use when he plays an action hero. The only good thing I have to say about Salvation is its filming location – my home state, New Mexico. Oh, and the part at the beginning where the VLA blows up was awesome. Other than that, Salvation is a joke to the Terminator canon. (For more info on the New Mexico film industry, check out The New Mexico Film Office.)

The folks at have some great suggestions for how to reboot – no, REVIVE the mythology and give us Terminator fans the film we’ve been waiting for. Some ideas in the comments are pretty great as well.

How to Make a Terminator Film Without Arnold – io9.


2 thoughts on “How to Make a Terminator Film Without Arnold – io9

  1. Ian says:

    i dissagree TS was a great movie. but it was based too much on marcus. McG did suck. but if they retcon the future war and go back to the past or w/e i’m done…

    • Many fans of the original Terminator movie enjoyed T:S so I totally get it. After seeing it again, I didn’t dislike it as much as I did originally. Like I said, I had really high hopes, so I think I just set myself up for disappointment.

      Thanks for commenting, love!

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