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FRINGE Season Finale This Friday on Fox

Are you ready? FRINGE season 3 draws to a close on Friday. The episode title? “The Day We Died”. How much more epic can you get? It’s so nice to have a strong, central female character in a sci-fi TV show – Olivia Dunham ranks up there with the classics. View the newest trailer below. SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven’t watched the show yet.

When we last left our heroes, Peter Bishop was finally able to enter The Machine with a little help from his special lady Olivia Dunham. Speaking of Olivia, she is now a telekinetic after a little help from Dr. Walter Bishop. Anyhoo, The Machine allowed Peter to enter rather than throwing him back out like it did during his first attempt, but then it apparently transported Peter into the future – But not just any future… an apocalyptic-type future where the world seems to be falling apart and Fringe Division is now an active government agency (seemingly similar to the one “Over There”).

Now, we don’t yet know if he was actually physically transported, or if he is simply dreaming, or if The Machine simply linked him to his future self. What we do know is that someone is going to die, and according to the press release, that someone will be a “beloved team member”. All I can say is it better not be Astrid. FRINGE is expert at plot twists and mysteries, but hopefully they will at least clear up how the hell Peter was able to end up in the future in front of the Freedom Tower, and why we seem to be at war.

The season 3 finale of FRINGE airs this Friday, May 6, at 9/8c (8:00 PM Mountain Time) on Fox.

Thanks to for the screencaps.

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