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How to Make a Terminator Film Without Arnold – io9

First, let me just say that I am a huge fan of the Terminator storyline and timeline. I am kind of a sucker for time travel, and if you throw in some robots and a potential apocalypse, I’m hooked. While T3 was not exactly great, and certainly does not do justice to the original James Cameron film released in 1984, it did have some useful information about the potential timelines generated from time travel and changing history, and at least gave us Judgement Day, finally. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles was also extremely enjoyable. The creators chose a different timeline and made it their own. The show didn’t have a chance to bloom, in storyline or viewership, because it was cancelled after one and a half seasons (thank you, Fox).

Terminator: Salvation was an amazing disappointment. My hopes were perhaps too high, but I simply can’t get past the whole John-Conner-gets-a-robot-heart plot line. While T3‘s mistake was that the movie was focused entirely on Arnold which caused the story to take a backseat, Salvation‘s mistake was everything. The cast, the director (sorry, McG), the story, the acting – and that lame Batman voice that apparently Christian Bale feels he needs to use when he plays an action hero. The only good thing I have to say about Salvation is its filming location – my home state, New Mexico. Oh, and the part at the beginning where the VLA blows up was awesome. Other than that, Salvation is a joke to the Terminator canon. (For more info on the New Mexico film industry, check out The New Mexico Film Office.)

The folks at have some great suggestions for how to reboot – no, REVIVE the mythology and give us Terminator fans the film we’ve been waiting for. Some ideas in the comments are pretty great as well.

How to Make a Terminator Film Without Arnold – io9.


Let’s Talk Tornado Science

I can’t talk about science right now without talking about the tornadoes that have ripped across the South and Midwest this year – most recently in Alabama, Missouri and Oklahoma. Scientists still find it extremely difficult to predict when and where a tornado might touch down, and even though there are a specific set of conditions required for a tornado to form, it is still unclear why some supercell thunderstorms form tornadoes and others do not. And, unlike hurricanes, it’s also incredibly difficult to predict what a tornado season might bring – while scientists can predict how many hurricanes a season might bring, and how severe each hurricane could be, experts are at a loss when it comes to predicting the strength and severity of a tornado season.

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Tom Hardy as Bane Revealed!

If you’re a Christopher Nolan worshiper like me, then you’ve been waiting patiently for him to start the viral marketing campaign for the upcoming 2012 movie The Dark Knight Rises. Remember the awesome Joker viral campaign for The Dark Knight? Well, just in time for the rapture tomorrow, it looks like Nolan is going to continue that trend, and first up is the revelation of Bane – and he looks effing scary.

This morning, went live, but don’t expect to see anything exciting when you first enter the site – it’s just a black screen. But click anywhere and a sound file (.wav) will open. It sounds like chanting, and it’s hard to make out what is said, but you have two choices: 1.) You can stick the .wav file into a sound analysis program; or 2.) cheat. I have to admit, I cheated. The folks at beat me to the punch this morning by posting all you need to know. If you DON’T want to know how to get to the main picture, and you want to figure it out yourself, STOP READING NOW!!!!! You’ve been warned.

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Space Shuttle Endeavour Launches Successfully

The space shuttle Endeavour, after weeks of delays, finally launched successfully this morning at 8:56 AM EDT from Launch Pad 39-A at the Kennedy Space Center. For its 25th and final mission, Endeavour will spend 16 days in space, which will include a docking at the International Space Station and the release of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), according to Space.Com.

[The AMS is] a $2 billion particle detector that will search for cosmic rays that might help unravel some of our most perplexing cosmic mysteries, such as what makes up the invisible dark matter thought to pervade the universe.

The featured image above is of Endeavours crew. My only issue? WHERE ARE THE WOMEN??? Come on, NASA – this is the second to last shuttle mission, don’t count out the girls. Oh well. At least STS-135 will include mission specialist Sandy Magnus.

Below you can see a picture of Endeavour just after liftoff (credit to Z. Pearlman). Read more about STS-134 at and

UPDATE: For another really cool picture, head over to NBC’s PhotoBlog to see a picture of Endeavour from the window of a passenger airplane. The final space shuttle flight, Atlantis STS-135, will liftoff on July 8, 2011.

Final launch of Endeavour, 16 May 2011. Credit: Z. Pearlman

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Batman: Arkham City Full Length Trailer

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Rocksteady Studios have released a new full length trailer for their upcoming video game Batman: Arkham City, the much anticipated sequel to the highly successful game Batman: Arkham Asylum. I have no idea how I missed this video. According to YouTube, it was posted in mid-March. According to Facebook, I am a “fan” of the Arkham City page. According to the Arkham City website, I am on their email notification list. So imagine my surprise when I checked the website yesterday to find that they had posted a new full length trailer almost two months ago. Yep, I kinda freaked out. Then I freaked out more when I actually watched it – but this time in a good way. Seriously, guys – I can’t wait for this game. Anyway, here it is in all it’s epic glory. Batman: Arkham City will be released October 12, 2011.