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Art Is Awesome. Geek Art Is AWESOME.

Art is awesome. I love graphic design – I do a bit of it as part of my job and for fun. I love being inspired, especially when that inspiration comes in the form of amazing original works based on some of my favorite movies, comics, and video games. This is exactly what I stumbled on today while surfing the interwebs. My first stop was ReasonInMadness at Tumblr, who posted these amazing Super Mario Bros. inspired prints. I followed the trail of many webpages, and one of them was GeekArt.Net, a showcase for any kind of art inspired by anything and everything “geek”. Slideshow below!

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On the About page, the author proclaims (first in French, then in English) the fact that geek is in right now, and while original geeks may be annoyed at the presence of the newcomers, at least one good thing has come from geek popularity: art.

There is at least a good point in all of that : the fact that the geek universe influenced a lot of people and things around us. On this blog, I will focus especially on artists and art in general. Graphists, painters, sculptors, illustrators, photographers… They are numerous to have fallen to the dark side by working with comics characters, or video games heroes, or Sci Fi universes… And I do really think that it kicks ass.

He then apologizes for his English, which is quite good, and also hopes as I do, that the geek fad will wane as all fads do. “One day,” he says, “the world will leave us alone, and the consumption society will find new mascotts (sic). Who knows, maybe the dolphins lovers, or the beer caps collectors.”

Readers can submit their own work or suggest other artist’s works to be featured. I’ve posted a few examples of what you can find at GeekArt.Net in the slideshow, but you should really check it out yourself. Make sure to check out the personal websites of the artists you like, too – some prints are for sale and portfolios always have more nerdy goodness to offer. Oh, and make sure to check out Zelda illustration – it’s all kinds of awesome but too big to feature here.

Below the are the links to the blog posts of the images on GeekArt.Net, where full credits can be found.

  1. Wolverine vs. T-Rex by Andrew Hou
  2. Lego Star Wars Hoth Series II: Moonlight Shadow by Avanaut
  3. Lego Star Wars Hoth Series II: The Rookie by Avanaut
  4. TMNT Redesign: Casey Jones by Dave Rapoza
  5. Tribute to Willow contest
  6. Lightning Never Strikes Twice by Quick Brown Fox
  7. Aliens Movie Poster by Sam Ho


5 thoughts on “Art Is Awesome. Geek Art Is AWESOME.

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  2. Hi ! Thanks for promoting Geek-Art, you rock ! Great blog BTW, and great name 🙂

    2 questions though :

    1/ Do you know the name of the artist who drew the Lovecraft art ? I’ve been looking for him for ages !

    2/ Are you the pink haired Leia ? Because this is AWESOME ! Some kind of Leia Flower, or maybe Ramona Organa 🙂

    Cheers !


    • Oups it was not you who posted the Lovecraft art, I stumbled on it through the links on your article, my mistake !

      May LSF live long and prosper !


    • Thanks for stopping by, Thomas!!

      To answer your second question – no, I’m not the pink haired Leia, unfortunately! She is a model that I found on Deviant Art named Niki Nix. You can view her profile here:
      The photo itself was taken by jagged eye, also at Deviant Art. His profile is here:

      Thanks again for Geek Art. It’s really become one of my favorite sites to visit everyday. I also follow you now on tumblr. Take care! Stop by any time 🙂

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