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Every so often, this post will feature a new woman from comic books or science fiction. Have suggestions? Let me know! Our newest Kick Ass Woman is…. OLIVIA DUNHAM (ANNA TORV)!

Olivia Dunhams

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Olivia Dunham is the main character on the Fox TV series Fringe (Fox Fridays, 9/8c). She is an FBI agent charged with investigating mysterious occurrences categorized under “Fringe Science”. I know what you’re thinking – this sounds just like the X-Files, right? Wrong. Fringe stands alone with it’s scientific reasoning (they don’t assume that the audience is made of a bunch of idiots), it’s unique storyline (including travel to another universe), and it’s superb acting. Anna Torv portrays Olivia and “Fauxlivia” – the name given to the Olivia Dunham from a parallel universe, who is the same but slightly different and who crosses paths into our own universe. Personally, I hate Fauxlivia. I hate everything about the character, but I chalk that up as a testiment to Anna Torv’s acting skills. She makes it possible to love and hate the same character at the same time – how is that even possible?

Anna Torv was born in Melbourne, Australia. Along with Fringe, Anna has appeared in the HBO miniseries The Pacific and voiced the main character Nariko in the video game Heavenly Sword.

Fringe has recently moved to Friday nights, but if you haven’t started watching it yet, I suggest renting season 1 from Netflix. Ladies, if you’ve never enjoyed sci-fi TV, this is a great show to start with. You can’t go wrong with Joshua Jackson eye candy.

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