Marie Curie Valentine, by Stephoodle @
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Best. Nerdy. Valentines. Ever.

Marie Curie Valentine

Marie Curie, copyright Stephoodle at

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and if you’re a science fan, I bet you’re wishing that your Valentine had known exactly what you wanted. Next year, instead of the last-minute candy hearts and chocolate roses, point your special friend to seller Stephoodle. Alongside some rather bizarre art pieces (a farting unicorn?), Stephoodle offers the coolest valentines I’ve seen in a while. The set features eight unique designs of famous scientists, both living and dead, offering some rather clever wishes for the designated “Day of Love”. For example, you might enjoy Stephen Hawking’s delightful remark, “You make space-time stand still,” or perhaps Madame Curie could deliver this message to your loved one, “My heart radiates for you.” My personal favorite? Werner Heisenberg, famous for the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: “I’m certain about you.” What better way to show love than through science?


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